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“We are dreaming of a world where Blue Carbon Ecosystems are thriving and poverty diminishes to zero, food self-sufficiency increases, and decent work and economic sustainable growth become a given to the people and the region they are inhabiting.”

A world where mangroves, seagrass beds, kelp beds, tidal and salt marshes are flourishing, omnipresent and lush. These Blue Carbon eco-systems (BCE’s), as they are called, protect the coastlines and are the flora and fauna nursery station of the ocean; increased biodiversity is a given. You will see the active conservation, restoration, and regeneration of these BCE’s turn into reality in the coming period. It will inspire generations, now and in the future and will start right now and might take, in certain projects, generations to thrive.

To make this a reality, it needs YOU!

Yes, you! You as a world inhabitant, a stakeholder of the projects, a tourist, the local government, the investor, the carbon credit buyer the person who loves the land and the ocean and wants to preserve mother Earth.

You who senses the urgency of the climate change and its huge effect on  especially the blue carbon ecosystems. You know that something must change before it is too late.

Together with you, we jointly can commit to protect and develop the blue carbon ecosystems, develop the social conditions and promote a sustained and inclusive economic growth.

Because as people we are at the centre of the sustainable development.
We have translated this in striving to reach for the following goals:

Sustainable Development Goals

Regarding the SDG’s which are directly attached to active conservation, restoration, and regeneration of the BCE’s TogetherForTheBetterGood underwrites:
The co-benefits we are striving for are the following SDG’s: