With TogetherForTheBetterGood we are honored to be a part of the creation of the report of ‘Ocean Risk and Resilience Alliance, named ‘High quality Blue Carbon Principles and Guidance’. We are mentioned as early adapters. We could not be more proud.

Our mission: Through co-creation of effective projects, which conserve, restore and regenerate Blue Carbon Ecosystems (BCE’s) in the Caribbean we are fighting the effects of climate change and human interference on these BCE’s.

But how could WE add value coming out of the Financial Services industry to fight the effects of climate change?
The financial services industry in general is an industry where inherent risks are monitored, controlled and consequently decreased by adhering to frameworks of risk, control, due diligence, and compliance.

We applied our broad knowledge and experience of together more than 56 years to the processes around Blue Carbon projects, -offset and credit issuance and combined this with our practical knowledge of the projects in the Caribbean we have worked on and then created a practical risk/control framework which encompasses all stakeholders, flows, processes and procedures around BC projects and their related credits.
This is in our DNA and the base of our ‘shielding doughnut’ for BlueCarbon offset projects starting with the Caribbean in co-creation with other partners.
With many thanks to the ones who believe in us and our mission!

This the link to the LinkedIn post from Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance.