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What do we do

The Services TFTBG is offering to implement the Blue Carbon Governance Framework™️ entail all ingredients for- and processes around a Blue Carbon project. These services can be provided in combination and/or individually.

The Services
TogetherForTheBetterGood is an implementation consultancy organization. To co-create effective blue carbon projects TFTBG is offering several services. These (individual or combinable) services arise from the Blue Carbon Governance Framework. The Blue Carbon Governance Framework™ consists of the following (combinable or individual) services:
1. Set-up of a Program/Project governance and - management
2. Stakeholder management
3. Implementation of our CARES Toolkit with its policies, processes, and procedures
4. Advisory on financial structuring and management, and/or implementation of Investment (Sovereign) Fund/SPV

1. Program / Project governance and - management

By implementing and managing an effective organizational and governance set up we strive to:

* sequester and conserve the blue carbon in these eco-systems
* enforce, safeguard and conserve the Blue Carbon Eco-system site(s),
* secure the defined co-benefits,
* secure the capital flows,
* and empower the local people.

By setting-up a Program/Project structure, a sound organization will be established, whereby a Program-Board and/or Project manager can manage and control the Project(s) in an efficient manner.

Managing and delivering a good working project in this manner, the project can attract funders and investors and achieve, if wished for, the highest quality Credits, be it Blue Carbon -, Biodiversity -, or any other credit based on the Blue Carbon Ecosystem with its project.
The integrity of the overall business operations surrounding the Blue Carbon project and (future) respective credits will be monitored and safeguarded by the created governance on a continuous basis.


2. Stakeholder management

Each person within a Blue Carbon project may have a certain influence on the transformation to be made. Stakeholder management is the co-creating force in recognizing the nuances of each layer and each Stakeholder. Each Stakeholder is an influencer on the transformation of the project. By open and transparent communication and direct involvement with each of them we will create a strong connection from the initial start and throughout the Project. 

* During this transformation process we will bring into play what the situation and people need: from setting up meetings, listening and communicating during workshops and meetings to personal coaching and team coaching.
* To support development of change management next to abilities, skills and other inner qualities for people, public bodies and organizations involved, we may work with i.e.:

The U-Theory for (social) change management: “Theory U” describes a process of ‘becoming aware’. It is about creating the right environment so we can let go of rigid thinking, connect to our intuition, and allow a new future to emerge, rather than be attached to fixed and known outcomes or be resistant to change.


The Inner Development Goals framework: We believe that personal development is necessary for societal change. It is highly advisable to support development of abilities, skills and other inner qualities that contribute to work efficiently to a more sustainable global society. We therefore integrate the Inner Development Goals framework in our way of stakeholder management. The Inner Development Goals framework is a blueprint of the capabilities, qualities and skills which are scientifically researched and defined as highly advantageous, once accomplished, to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It describes personal and social skills and qualities.

3. CARES Toolkit

TFTBG created a toolkit which we chose to call our CARES toolkit.

Whereby CARES stands for:

The CARES Toolkit is a practical toolkit for the implementation of the Governance Framework around a Blue Carbon project. It contains and describes the policies, processes, and procedures to structure, manage and control a Blue Carbon project and will be tailormade to each new project in co-creation with its stakeholders.


4. Financial structuring and management

The two co-founders of TogetherForTheBetterGood have their roots in the investment-, fund industry with a combined experience of almost 60 years! 


– TFTBG can advise on the structuring of received monies (revenues received from initial funders, issued carbon credits/financial instruments etc.) by setting up a SPV, an investment fund or other financial structures.

– All revenue from Blue Carbon transactions can be structured to flow through this financial construct that is solely dedicated to financially support the conservation of the Blue Carbon eco-system, the project and its defined co-benefits.

– Capital allocations will be monitored and contained in a structured way and controlled on project adherence, support of defined co-benefits, stakeholder management activities and additional capacity building


Self-sufficiency for the project-owners, NGO’s and local people directly involved in working with Blue Carbon eco-system is our main goal. Therefore, with everything we are doing and implementing we will adhere to the concept of ‘Train-the-Stakeholder’, which is based on the ‘Train-the-Trainer’ concept. 

Successful implementation of `Train-the-Stakeholder’ means that the stakeholders are empowered to continue the daily work, take their responsibilities and be self-sufficient in accordance with the established values for the maintenance of Blue Carbon eco-systems, which the Blue Carbon Governance Framework ™ adheres to. 

TogetherForTheBetterGood is on the spot to implement and afterward take a step back.  The level of cooperation after implementation is therefore fluent and can be as loose or as tight as wished for, whereby full self-sufficiency continues to be the goal.