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Blue Carbon Governance framework™️

TFTBG is offering a practical Blue Carbon Governance Framework™️ which encompasses all ingredients for a Blue carbon offset project regarding risk control, monitoring, due diligence, compliance and stakeholdermanagement for the following material stakeholders and the processes around them:

Material stakeholders of a Blue Carbon project

* The projects being the sweet spot of the framework- technically being researched, developed, and managed by the blue carbon NGO’s i.e. the project developers
* Other stakeholders in the project being (local) government, indigenous and local people, companies, NGO’s etc. (list is not exhaustive)
* Funders/Investors in the project, without their initial funding the project cannot start and become viable for carbon offset and credit issuance
* Independent certification agencies and -verifiers
* Credit buyers, who (probably) need the credits to offset their CO2 output
* And then the management of all the flows (money, communication, reporting and all other activities), processes and procedures which connect all the elements.

What does this mean?

In co-creation with partners/stakeholders we will put this Governance Framework into practice: an operational and practical framework through which we will monitor and control all processes, procedures and reporting attached to the projects, perform program- and project- management and support the issuance of the credits.
In practice this means we will be physically present on sites on a regular basis. Furthermore, we will perform (desk) reviews and report our findings back to the initial funders, credit buyers, the government, auditors and other stakeholders when needed.
Through all this TogetherForTheBetterGood strives to:
* Decrease/eliminate greenwashing and fraud
* Build public confidence in the reliability of voluntary blue carbon markets
*Decrease the lack of governance and control
*Build robust monitoring, reporting and verification processes.
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