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Leadership development by the Inner Development Goals

We offer trainings and workshops based on the Inner Development Goals (IDG’s) Framework.

Transformational skills for sustainable development

In co-creation with partners we develop and offer trainings and workshops based on the IDG-framework of skills: ‘Transformational skills for sustainable development’.
Trough development of the IDG’s skills a bridge will be created to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). The IDG’s could become the game-changer to mobilize the implementation of the SDG’s, because the implementation of the SDG’s will be driven from an intrinsic motivation, inner awareness and an inner sense of urgency.

How does that work?

We like to use the ‘Ken Wilber Integral model’ (see image) to explain what might happen within an individual regarding the implementation of the SDG’s.
We notice that at present the SDG’s are pushed externally upon entities, government and/or companies by policies and legislations.
Translated into the ‘Ken Wilber Integral model’ terms:
~ This external push starts on the Collective exterior (right under Q), the ‘ITS’
~ Then – at the most – the ‘willingness to implement SDG’s’ will move to the ‘WE’, the team, the group level. And most of the time it stops then…
The SDG’s don’t stick on an individual personal level and often not even on the team level. There are other KPI’s to be attained, there is more to do then…etc etc.

But what if?

But what if we would start from the ‘I’ (left upper Q)?
What if we would be aware of the inner world, thoughts, emotions, states of mind etc. and grow personally to become more present and aware of what really is going on with our world, climate change etc.
What if we would become more intrinsic driven and passionate about this and the ‘I’ would move to the ‘IT’ and ‘I’ will start behaving differently and will make use of the competencies and skills to do something.
With this change the ‘IT’ will also move to the ‘WE’ and starts to have shared values, meanings, relationships, and then ‘WE’ move with the team, the group, the system to the ‘ITS’ almost automatically. By this move the implementation of the SDG’s will be driven from an intrinsic motivation, inner awareness and a sense of urgency coming from an individual, team and organization level.
Then the will to change comes from the inside and not because the outside wants us to change!
We create trainings and worksops based on developing this move:
Moving from the I, transforming Self to ➔
the WE, transforming Organization to ➔
the US, transforming the World.
We will determine before we start:
~ Which Sustainability Development Goals one wants to accomplish and why.
~ What are the desired returns: financial, ecological, social & inspirational.
~ Which are the most critical Inner Development Goals to develop for accomplishing the SDGs.
And we will work with this throughout the trajectory and accomplish with you what is within your reach.
EVOLUTION. Guaranteed.